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Golden proportions in sculpture and classic art


Since ancient times a general proportion is known, which can be observed in many beings and natural processes and which give instinctive be the human the sensation of beauty. This is the famous Golden number, which the Greeks used in the architecture and in the sculptures, and which returned in the Renaissance, in many masterpieces of art. This proportion is expressed be the human in harmony and in the proportions of the body. Two or more elements are in the Golden Propotionen when a harmony matches between them and the whole.

In mathematical terms is the segment A and B in the golden proportions when the value of B proportion keeps the sum of both. This proportion is the number Φ. 1.161803 ...


Away from the knowledge and involvement in the area of mathematics we talk about how the sculptures and compositions that have these proportions, an extraordinary harmony radiate that penetrates deep into us because we always see a fair balance between individual parts and the whole, this key is useful not only in the order of the habitat and its decoration, but rather to apply it in their personal lives.

Miguel Angel Padilla

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