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Laocoon and his sons

The work has the figures in a pyramidal composition. The best impression can you get of the work from the front. The work represents the human expression in its maximum pathetic shape, it was abnormal for the artists of this age to give a different expression to their works as the boldness because the boldness is the perfection of man, without the doubt, and without feelings which confuse the mind, it was by then the objective of the artists in their works to gain perfection. It is together with the Pergamon Altar (180-160 BC) one of the examples of the Hellenistic scenes sculptures.

The expression of guilt and the great dramatism of Laocoon, which makes painful contortions in agony, are shocking in this work and give the whole a unique representation. In this work, the two monstrous snakes which wrap around them in order to kill, as required by the punishment of the gods, are part of the visual composition, and their curves shaped body connecting all these characters in the work.

Big Laocoon group.


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