Furniture and elements of interior and exterior...

Furniture & Decoration for inside & outside

Furniture & Decoration for inside & outside
We have gathered for you ina selection of furniture and decorative elements such as mirrors, lamps, fountains, cups, etc., allowing you to recreate environments exquisite and personalized spaces, both indoor gardens and terraces.


All articles are of high quality and detailed finishing.

     Tables,consoles, seats       Shelves and bookstores      Mirrors

          Tables, consoles, seats.                   Shelves and bookstores.                             Mirrors.

      Other decorative elements         Columns, Corbels          Cups

        Other decorative elements.                Columns, Corbels.                                                Cups.

      Large bas-reliefs      Great figures       Polychromatic reliefs

                 Large bas-reliefs.                           Great figures.                              Polychromatic reliefs.

      Murals and ceramic reliefs    Wall lamps and ceramic Lantern        Sources

           Murals and ceramic reliefs           Wall lamps and ceramic Lantern                  Sources

      Wrought iron furniture        Chandeliers         Lamps

           Wrought iron furniture.                               Chandeliers.                                                         Lamps.


                                 Ideas of environments... ideas that inspire you

mirrors, lamps, fountains, cups


                   mirrors, lamps, fountains, cups