Furniture and elements of interior and exterior...

Furniture & Decoration for inside & outside

Furniture & Decoration for inside & outside
We have gathered for you ina selection of furniture and decorative elements such as mirrors, lamps, fountains, cups, etc., allowing you to recreate environments exquisite and personalized spaces, both indoor gardens and terraces.

All articles are of high quality and detailed finishing.

     Tables,consoles, seats         Shelves and bookstores         Mirrors

             Tables, consoles, seats.                                 Shelves and bookstores.                                           Mirrors.

      Other decorative elements         Columns, Corbels          Cups

              Other decorative elements.                                     Columns, Corbels.                                                     Cups.

      Large bas-reliefs         Great figures          Polychromatic reliefs

                      Large bas-reliefs.                                                 Great figures.                                               Polychromatic reliefs.

      Murals and ceramic reliefs         Wall lamps and ceramic Lantern        Sources

                 Murals and ceramic reliefs                            Wall lamps and ceramic Lantern                                         Sources

      Wrought iron furniture        Chandeliers         Lamps

                  Wrought iron furniture.                                        Chandeliers.                                                         Lamps.




                             Ideas of environments... ideas that inspire you

mirrors, lamps, fountains, cups


                   mirrors, lamps, fountains, cups


Tables, Consoles

Furniture and classic ornaments for decoration of gardens and the interior. Universal art reproductions

Decoration: Cups

High quality marble and natural stone reconstructed pieces (resin + dust and marble grain).

Shelves, libraries

The furniture is chosen for its uniqueness, parts in wrought iron, marble resins and woodfor decoration.


In this section you will find a beautiful selection of mirrors in molded Alabaster, wood, ceramics, wrought iron.


Original selection of chandeliers in wrought iron, and marble resin, porta-cirios, hachones and pillars.

Murals and tile. Rosettes and ceramic reliefs.

Pieces of ceramic of a singular beauty, murals in decorated ceramic and tiles with a traditional and antique designs.



Pieces of high quality marble and natural stone reconstructed (resin + powder and grain of marble).

Ceramic wall lamps and lanterns

Classical figures in ceramics with different finishes: terracotta, glazed, patinados, etc. 

Columns, pedestals.

Selection of columns and pedestals. You can find pieces in molded Alabaster, marble resin, wood, forges and plaster.


Sources of marble reconstituted, ceramics and other materials. Unique pieces of specialbeauty to decorate your garden or terrace

Other decorative elements.

In this section we can find with other types of decoration such as a Roman arch, obelisksand marble benches

Images of environments

In this section you can make a tour of various photographs with ideas of decoration environments that introduce sculptures, reliefs, boxes, etc busts.

For the lovers of the timeless, lasting to the culture of the use and throw are many options of decoration may have a place where those pieces and works that inspire us.By decorating creating personal spaces where can convinar the ancient and modern, maturity and innocence.

Each life is the result of our own personal biography, each space we inhabit must be also a sign of our idenidad.

Have nothing to prevent us recreate the world that we am reassured and inspires.

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Decoration Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor

In this section, you can make a tour of various photographs that include sculptures, reliefs, paintings, busts and more

Pictures sequence decoration

 When we decorate we create personal spaces where you can combine the ancient and the modernthe maturity and the innocence.