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Beauty saves us

Some years ago I wrote a book about beauty and art. In it I spoke not only of the mystery behind beauty, but also of the transforming power of artistic creation when it is enveloped in the subtle magic of beauty, and of the mark it leaves on those who know how to surround themselves with works of high aesthetic content.
Art, when it is truly beautiful, transforms us and also heals us of our wounds.

This, beyond being an observation for modern neuroscience, is a life experience that I believe many of us share.

This simple work has been available on the web for years and many of our clients and friends have thanked me for sharing it, as they have seen it reflect many of their most intimate intuitions and experiences.

Today I bring it to this blog because the experience of my life, and I believe that of many human beings, is precisely that of having found in beauty, whether it be in Mother Nature or in the artistic works that human beings have created, a true balm of serenity for the soul, in contrast to the convulsive world in which we live.

In contact with beauty, the conscience is recomposed and raised to where aggressiveness, injustice and falsehood do not reach.

The times we live in are very unstable, aggressive and uncertain.

They require a strength of spirit similar to the classical spirit shown by many figures of the past. And it is precisely in beauty that we can find peace between battles.
I find it every day in the beauty of music, of an idea, of the horizon at sunset and of the frozen light in certain sculptures that accompany me.

Happy if you have made space in your life for the beautiful.
Beauty and courage

Miguel Angel Padilla