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First light

“We all hold a reflection of that first light which manifests itself in beauty, intelligence and goodness”.

Modern astrophysics tells us that the whole universe comes, by expansion, from an initial nucleus, from a “superstar” that gave rise to the whole cosmos. All beings that are part of this universe come, according to science, from that primordial radiant matter.

Ancient traditions also tell us of a first origin, a luminous essence from which everything started and developed.

The classical philosophers called it logos, the religions called it God.

I thought this reflection was timely at this time of year when the Christmas lights are beginning to be switched on, and good wishes and the need for human kindness are especially relevant (although it would be better if it were all year round).

The truth is that this is what I would like to think, that, in some way, we all have part of that luminous spark or divine essence in us, that this spark connects us with the Origin and with the All that surrounds us.

Following the classics, that logos, that first light, expresses itself in the human being with a threefold nature that is intelligence, beauty and goodness. (This ideal enlightened both Einstein and Plato).

If we are light in the deepest recesses, there is nothing better than to turn it on and start to illuminate, especially when the dark night is growing in its shadows.

Be happy

Miguel Angel Padilla