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Tanagra. Greek figures in terracotta

Tanagra. Greek figures in terracotta

We present for sale this section of reproductions of Tanagra of great beauty and quality. Archaeological reproductions made faithfully to the original figures made ​​in terracotta, polychromed and aged to give them the look that appears after coursing the centuries.

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The Greek terracotta called “Tanagra” are one of the most beautiful expressions of Hellenistic sculptures. There are polychromed ceramic figures of small size, which were very valuable objects in the Greek world from the late IV century BC up to the end of the III century BC.

Like the reproductions and replicas of great works and statues of Phidias, Praxiteles and so on, these small sculptures were used in temples, as elements of interior decoration of houses, as well as grave goods.

They were made with shell shapes so that they could be cooked and polychrome later. In many cases, the heads were personalized apart at the request of the customers. These statues of great elegance and subtle beauty, were made ​​in the Athenian workshops and it was a coincidence that the first pieces were discovered in Tanagra, whence they get their name.

The pieces in our collection are made by hand work, in workshops of the Mediterranean with the same spirit and tenderness as thousands of years ago.