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EGYPT. Archaeological and museum reproductions.

EGYPT. Archaeological and museum reproductions.

“If you go on a path that your hands build day by day, you will arrive at the place where you should be”.

(Maxims of Ani, Egypt, XIXth Dynasty).

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Strolling through the rooms dedicated to Egypt in the Louvre in Paris, the British Museum in London, the Archaeological Museum or the Prado in Madrid, are unique experiences. Many visitors would like to hold hands with some of the sculptures that are displayed solemnly and sometimes alone in the halls, and be able to take them home and give them back the lustre they once had.

What remains of Egyptian civilisation can be found in the best museums in the world, yes, that’s right, although we can also have at home a reproduction of that human figure with the head of an animal that evokes us so much, transmits so much and offers us aromas of mystery, eternity and hope.
The  collection of archaeological reproductions of Egypt that we offer you has been made with the care and dedication of true lovers of the art of Ancient Egypt. Each piece is made with great attention to detail by experienced craftsmen. After thousands of years Egypt lives on in the hearts of many people.

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