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Flowers, animals and still life

Flowers, animals and still life

Floral motifs have always been a welcoming detail in the home. Animal themes have been characterised by their setting in libraries and conversation rooms. Finally, the still life has been one of the most classic exponents for the dining room.

All these themes have served in the history of painting as one of the most complete exercises in the improvement of the artist, as studies or simply as decorative works, many of them have been immortalised as great works (as happened with some studies of Chopin).

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We offer a selection of reproductions of old paintings for lovers of universal art.

Canvases: For an artistic representation as faithful as possible to the original (high quality on 350 gsm antique printed canvas).

Suggestion: Mounting on stretcher bars for antiqued canvases. Receive your chosen canvas ready to hang on the wall.

Rack mounting – Reproduction of antique frames – Framed printed canvases