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Portraits from the El Fayum

Portraits from the El Fayum

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We present a series of oil paintings on board inspired by original portraits of El Fayum made by the painter Fabiola Aliaga.

Each work is unique

The portraits of El Fayum are some of the most beautiful wooden portraits preserved from the Roman period. These portraits were placed between the bandages of the mummies, faithfully representing the deceased. They date from the Roman occupation of Egypt, from the period from the end of the 1st century BC to the beginning of the 1st century AD onwards.
They belong to the tradition of panel painting, one of the most respected art forms in the classical world.
The Fayum is an immense oasis in the desert of Egypt. It is located about thirty kilometres west of the Nile. In ancient times, the Fayum was the 21st nomo of Upper Egypt.

It is a type of realistic painting, although the eyes are markedly large, windows of the soul that manifest the character’s inner life. These portraits have a suggestive and unique beauty that lies between Greek painting, Roman realist art and the religion of ancient Egypt