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Polyresin and fiberglass figures

Polyresin and fiberglass figures

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In this section we offer you a wide variety of polyresin figures with fibreglass.

Many of them are thematic figures. Their lightness makes them easy to handle. Their quality gives them great resistance to the inclemency of the weather.

You will find classic figures, architectural elements, animals (dinosaurs, cows, wild animals, etc.), elements for restaurants and bars, Christmas decoration, furniture and a wide range of thematic figures.

Delivery terms: These figures are imported. Delivery times depend on the stock in the warehouse in Spain. If they are not available, the delivery time can be from 60 to 75 days.

Shipping costs: Due to the size and nature of some of these products the shipping costs do not adjust to the automatic system of calculation of the shopping basket. Therefore the shipping costs will be personalized in each order.

Prices and orders: for any order or question send us an e-mail or contact us by phone.