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Florentine mosaic table tops and hard stone ornaments

Florentine mosaic table tops and hard stone ornaments

We present a splendid collection of plates for tables and decorative elements made ​​of various marble and hard stone.  The technique and designs recreates luxurious pieces of furniture of the sixteenth century, particularly the Italian Renaissance in Florence and Naples.

You can download our catalogue in pdf. (Download)

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What Hard Stones and Florentine Mosaics are:

Hard stones are a technique of decorative arts consisting of the embedded by intarsia of marbles or semiprecious stones such as jade, quartz, agate, jasper, lapis lazuli, chalcedony, etc., forming a pictorial composition. Intarsia consists of embedding on a compact surface thin stone or marble tiles, cut and fitted forming diverse images or compositions, attached with tail or dough and subsequently polished.

This technique began in Rome in the sixteenth century and reached maturity in Florence, hence it is also called Florentine mosaic.

The pieces we offer are made entirely by hand by our collaborators in India, following a laborious process where attention and care in the details is compensated with the magnificent final result. In this way each mosaic is unique in its uniqueness. (Watch video)

Most tabletops are expressly manufactured to order for our customers.

You can download our catalogue in pdf. (Download)

Visit the section of tables and find table legs of great beauty for the plates of hard stones.