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Immediate availability. Florentine mosaic panels

Immediate availability. Florentine mosaic panels

In this section you will find the items in stock in our warehouse in Malaga ready to be shipped immediately.

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Florentine mosaic tabletops for tables and decorative elements made with marble and various hard stones. The technique and designs recreate the luxurious pieces of furniture from the 16th century, especially from the Italian renaissance of Florence and Naples.

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The pieces we offer you are completely handmade by our collaborators in India, following a laborious process where the care and attention to detail is compensated by the magnificent final result. In this way each mosaic is unique in its singularity.

Most of the panels are made to order for our customers.

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What are hard stones and Florentine mosaics:

Hard stones is the name given to a decorative arts technique consisting of inlaying marble or semi-precious stones such as jade, quartz, agate, jasper, lapis lazuli, chalcedony, etc, forming a pictorial composition. Inlaying consists of inlaying thin slabs of stone or marble on a compact surface, cut and fitted together to form various images or compositions, adhered with glue or putty and then polished.

This technique began in Rome in the 16th century and reached maturity in Florence, hence the name Florentine mosaic.