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Reliefs and epigraphy, architectonic elements

Reliefs and epigraphy, architectonic elements

Arab reliefs and epigraphy section

The Islamic art is characterized among others by the absence of representations of figures of animals and people. In the Islamic art prevails a strong rhythmic presence of drawings, geometric shapes and vegetation in the decoration and architecture. The epigraphs and calligraphic reliefs with the passages from the Koran are present in all Andalusian and Nasrid monuments, mosques and palaces.

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The Arab reliefs that we present are made in reconstituted marble (marble dust in various thicknesses tied with a special resin). Some capitals are made ​​in plaster. With a completion of an antique patina, realized with natural “earth”, which gives them an exceptional quality.

The architectural and epigraphic representations come from the Alhambra in Granada, the Mosque of Cordoba and other palaces of Al-Andalus.

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