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Gramophones and old telephones

Gramophones and old telephones

Selection of gramophones and old telephones

“Electronic communication will never replace the face of a human being who with his soul encourages another person to be courageous and authentic.”

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Replica of telephones and old gramophones. Elegant and decorative telephones and gramophones, reproductions of ancient originals.

Although its use is primarily decorative these devices work perfectly.

Who doesn’t have a telephone nowadays?  There are very few people who do not carry a mobile phone in their wallet, pocket or hand.

But this was not always the case. This totally digital device, with more and more built-in applications, started out as a rather bulky object that invaded the living rooms, corridors and homes of many families, gradually becoming indispensable. Created by the Italian Antonio Meucci in 1854 and patented by Grahan Bell, to whom the invention was attributed.

The evolution of this device has been so great that many doubt whether it has finally made our lives easier or not. What we can verify is that formally it has undergone a great transformation in its forms and evolution in its technology. In this section we show you some models that reproduce those endearing telephones, today a collector’s item, from the early days.

Nowadays we have electronic equipment that reproduces the most varied musical works, with loudspeaker equipment that allows us to perceive the most beautiful sounds.

The gramophone, however, does not envelop the sound of a room, but it does take us back to a time when, thanks to its rough sound, many people were able to have music close to them, to enjoy the melody of the great musical authors that they could not have listened to live. The sound emitted by a gramophone is difficult to imitate with our modern equipment.


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