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Bella Natura. Fossils, Semiprecious stones

Bella Natura. Fossils, Semiprecious stones

“Beauty, protection, prevention, decoration”.

In this section you will find fossils, semi-precious stones, geodes and amethysts of great beauty, both for decoration and as gifts.

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Nature is the greatest source of beauty and inspiration that human beings can have. The infinite forms and colours of the life that expresses itself on Earth, manifest a prodigious order and harmony. Since time immemorial, turning some of its manifestations into decorative objects has been a sign of recognition of our sensitivity to such beauty and an inspirational element in our environments.

The beauty of nature not only offers us infinite forms, but they are also loaded with symbolism, as we can see in the treatment and use made of them in antiquity.

They were valuable treasures, not only because of their material value but also because of the protective power attributed to them.  Different characteristics and symbolism depending on the culture we approach; protection, prevention, channelling of energy ….