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Jewelry and bijouterie

Jewelry and bijouterie

“Symbols that contain timeless wisdom”.

We present to you a collection of symbolic pieces of bijouterie and jewellery in noble metals, silver, bronze and gold plating.

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There are many symbols that have accompanied us since time immemorial. And their timeless forms continue to capture our attention, they continue to attract us without finding a rational cause, on many occasions. On other occasions they are a magnet that attracts us because in them we see condensed a dream, a goal. They are also talismans that we wear to protect us, to remind us of our deepest and loftiest desires.

In this section you will find reproductions of bracelets, pendants, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc… from ancient cultures such as Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Middle Ages or the Renaissance. Many of them recreate works of art or symbols of archaic iconography, amulets of luck or happiness, etc…