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Underwater amphorae. Roman, Phoenician and Greek

Underwater amphorae. Roman, Phoenician and Greek

Replicas of Roman, Phoenician and Greek amphorae, very faithful reproductions of the amphorae found in shipwrecks. Ceramic pieces aged under the sea for two years.

The amphorae acquire a natural covering of marine flora and fauna, giving them an appearance more than 2000 years old. Each piece is unique and unrepeatable and comes with a numbered certificate.

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Replications of Roman, Phoenician and Greek amphorae, reproduce with great fidelity amphora found in shipwrecks. A ceramic pieces grow old for two years under the sea.

The amphorae acquire a natural coverage flora and fauna giving it an appearance of more than 2000 years old. Each piece is unique and unrepeatable therefore each piece is accompanying with a certificated number.

Elaboration process:

1.- The selection and elaboration of the models is carried out in terracotta, after a thorough study of the forms and uses that were given to it in the various ancient cultures of the Mediterranean. Master potters faithfully manufacture, and by hand, these reproductions of amphorae of antiquity.

2.- After drying and firing, the amphorae are submerged in the sea for long periods ranging around of 18 months to 2 years depending on the case. In these years, and thanks to a recirculation system of plankton, the amphorae rapidly fed up with marine life like shells, small mollusks, algae, corals and sponges.

3.- During the time in which the pieces are submerged in the sea, a manual maintenance on the seabed is necessary in which they are one after the other moved in different cosystems that are prepared for each, to fill up each with life. The varied colonization of the surface makes each piece unique and unrepeatable.

4.- After thoroughly collect the seabed, for a certain time the pieces are exposed to the sun and air dried, with the aim that the marine life, which adhered to the ceramic, are drying and fossilized. The result is a unique amphora, which reflects the passage of time by thousands of years on the bottom of the sea.

Certified and exclusive amphorae:

Since each is an unique piece, each piece indolent a certificated number with a plaque that certifies their origin and a parchment with historical information about this amphora model.

Special packaging:

For a total safety and protection in transportation the amphorae are packed in plastic bubble Instapak®