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10 benefits of Beauty in art

The experience of beauty is at the same time biological, emotional, intellectual, moral and aesthetic. It is an essential ingredient in the coveted art of living.

1- Beauty is harmony and therefore health and life in the face of what destroys us and makes us ill. Beauty, whether in nature or in human creation, as an expression of harmony (unity in diversity), favors everything that unites, creating life in the face of death, health in the face of illness, love in the face of hatred, concord and friendship between things and beings facing the decomposition and chaos that destroy.

2- Activate optimism. The proximity of the beautiful may not make all the unpleasantness of life disappear, but it makes us think that another better world is possible.

3- Awakens the love of life. It is a stimulant that reinforces our links with the world. Beauty tells us that life is not a senseless chaos, but that it has an implicit order and meaning.

4- Reduce the sensation of pain and strengthen the immune system. The psycho-neuro-immunology has shown that the immune system is sensitive to factors such as the beauty of plastic arts and music.

5- Activate our right hemisphere, creative and symbolic, strengthening emotional intelligence.

6- It orders and rebuilds us internally. Harmonizes the mind and feelings. It allows us to forget fears and trivial problems that poison us every day. It has the power to close wounds and help us return to ourselves.

7- It activates the aesthetic sensibility expanding the wealth of nuances that we recognize and experience in our life. It gives depth to human experience and enriches our inner world

8- It inclines us towards serenity and good. The beautiful is the visible aspect of the good, says Plato. When we perceive the beautiful, it activates in us the same brain region in which valuations and moral choices take place. It impels the spirit towards noble inclinations elevating our consciousness in the building of the human psyche: from the basement to the terrace.

9- Create spaces that favor coexistence and concord. Beauty lowers the level of aggressiveness and hostility.

10- A moment of beauty stops time and defeat for instants to death.

Miguel Angel Padilla Moreno

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