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Garden decoration: sculptures, fountains and outdoor ornaments

A magical Dialog are in the garden, a silent dialogue between the tranquility of the sculptures and the noise of the vegetation.

The classical sculptures can be placed between the hedges and trees, on pedestals or in ground level, next to artificial basins or ponds, on stairs or in corners. In all environments can be announced in the distance or as a surprise at the passing, the sculpture of a friendly God, next to a bench to read, under the shade of a weeping willow, which is showered over the statue of an Apollo or a Venus. Romantic decorations, classic, gorgeous, oriental, intimate, all are suitable as a significant element of the sculptures. When we designing a garden, we always express something hidden and beautiful by ourselves.

Create a unique space in our garden or terrace is today one of the greatest satisfactions that we can live, if we like nature and at the same time the wonderful creativity of the human being.
Sources, goblets, sculptures, bronzes, terracottas, are part of the range that we put at your disposal so you can capture your ideal garden.

We present a selection of photographs of open spaces and gardens where you canpick up very interesting ideas.

You can also visit our extensive gallery, with more than 4000 photographs on Pinterest.

An area for inspiration:

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