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Antikythera machine, Ancient Greece. 14 cm.

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Reproduction of the Antikythera mechanism made of reconstituted marble (binder marble powder). Patina finish imitating antique bronze.
  • Total measurements: Height: 14 cm; width: 11 cm; depth: 4.5 cm.
  • Dimensions of the piece without base: 10 cm; width: 11 cm; depth: 1.5 cm.Machine_dAnticythere
The piece that we reproduce is a recreation of the Antikythera mechanism that dates back to Ancient Greece (200 BC). It is located in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.
The Antikythera mechanism is an analog (or mechanical) computer from ancient times, found in the Aegean Sea, in a shipwreck near the Greek island of Antikythera .This artifact can predict astronomical positions and eclipses of up to nineteen years for astrological and calendrical purposes, and also predict the exact date of six ancient Greek competitions: the Olympic Games, the Pythic Games, the Isthmic Games, the Nemean Games, the Games of Dodona and those on the island of Rhodes.


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