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Archaic statue Koré Phrasikleia. 28 cm

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Reproduction of the archaic Greek statue Koré Phrasikleia in reconstituted marble (marble powder + binder). Finished with natural earth pigments.


  • Height: 28 cm. Width: 8,5 cm. Depth: 8,5 cm.

In this figure we reproduce a Greek sculpture, the Koré Phrasikleia, dated between 550 BC and 540 BC, belonging to the archaic style, a precedent of classicism, and which can be identified by the hieratic and static nature of the figure, the treatment of the hair in the form of ringlets and the characteristic archaic smile.

This statue was found in 1972 during excavations at Myrrhinos (now Merenta) in Attica. It was discovered that a block of marble was attached to the statue with inscriptions that identified the sculptor, Aristion of Paros, as well as the name of the young woman, Phrasikleia, in whose tomb the statue was placed. Phrasikleia died unmarried, hence the inscription describes her as a ‘kore’ (maiden).

The statue was polychromed at the time, and depicts the young woman crowned with flowers and dressed in a peplum, holding a closed lotus in her left hand. The original sculpture is in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, Greece.


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