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Gladiator armour. Small. 12 cm.

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Cast bronze figure. Miniature Gladiator armour. Small.

Height: 12 cm.

Reproductions of antique pieces of singular beauty. The piece includes the methacrylate support.

Reproduction of Roman Gladiator armour, Retiarius type.

The gladiators were mostly slaves, prisoners of war, barbarians and those condemned to death, although there were also paid volunteers from the lower classes. Some gladiators achieved great fame, and their names and depictions appeared in mosaics and graffiti.

There were various types of gladiators, including the retiarii, who fought with a net, hence the name, a short dagger and a trident, and light armour. They were often pitted against heavily armoured gladiators, the retiarii being more agile and quicker than the latter, and the trident was used to attack uncovered points from a safe distance.


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