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Carriazo Bronze. Astarte. 14x4x9cm

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Reproduction made in molten bronze through the process called precision casting or lost wax casting. Finishing with antique patina.

Known as Carriazo bronze (name received in honor of researcher J.M. Carriazo, spanish arqueologist) is a bronze plaque with the goddess Astarte from the course under the Guadalquivir River, dated around 600 BC, found in the archaeological museum in the Spanish city of Seville.

Astarte (in Phoenician Astártē) is the Phoenician assimilation of a Mesopotamian goddess known to the Sumerians as Inanna, the akkadians as Ishtar and the Israelites as Asherah (Asherah or Asherah). It represented the cult to mother nature, life and fertility, as well as the exaltation of love and carnal pleasures. Over time it became goddess of war and received bloodthirsty cults of his devotees. It used to be depicted naked or barely covered with veils, standing on a lion.


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