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Bust of Agrippa. Bronze patina. 70 x 23 cm.

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Reproduction of a bust of Agrippa, sculpture made of molded marble (marble powder agglomerated with resins). Patinated in imitation of bronze. Aging patinas are applied with natural earth.

High-quality reproductions of classical art, ideal figures for decoration or gifts. Not suitable for outdoor use.

Measurements: Height: 70 cm. Width: 32 cm. Depth: 23 cm.

Approximate weight: 19 kg.

Reproduction based on a statue of Agrippa of the Louvre Museum. The texts inform us that several statues were erected in honor of Agrippa, the large bronze statue erected in the Pantheon of Rome (around 25 B.C.) may have been the inspiration for this portrait.

Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa was a general and politician of Ancient Rome. A close friend and collaborator of Octavian Augustus, he was an important general and responsible for many of Octavian’s military successes, including the naval victory at the Battle of Actium, where he defeated the joint forces of Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra VII of Egypt.

The decoration with sculptures representing great figures from classical antiquity transcends mere ornamentation, transforming the environment into a space that pays tribute to the legacy of the history of Greece and Rome.

Reproductions of classical sculptures like this bust of Agrippa help create a unique atmosphere in interior decoration, inviting reflection or relaxation, among friends or with a good read. Placed in our work and leisure spaces, in the library, office, or living room, these statues blend with the room’s decor, evoking the cultural greatness of past eras and ancient civilizations that have left a lasting legacy in the history of art.

Reproductions of classical art are a good choice that brings a sense of beauty and historical legacy to any space in your home. Decorating with works of art not only serves to bring beauty to our home but also enriches the soul with its beauty and meaning.


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