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Bust of Alexander the Great. 92x52x30cm

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Reproduction of a high-quality bust of Alexander the Great, crafted in molded alabaster with oil polychromy and an aged patina, inspired by universal art.

Measurements: Height: 92 cm. Width: 52 cm. Depth: 30 cm.

Sculpture inspired by ancient art, ideal for interior decoration (living rooms, offices, libraries, lobbies, halls). Not suitable for outdoor use.

The bust represents the Greek general Alexander the Great (336-323 BC), one of the most fascinating figures in universal history. Few men have attained such a “legendary” position as the Macedonian king.

During his reign, he completely changed the political and cultural structure of the region by conquering the Achaemenid Persian Empire and initiating a period of extraordinary cultural exchange, during which the Greeks expanded into the Mediterranean and Near Eastern regions. This is known as the Hellenistic period (323 BC-30 BC). In his thirty-two years of life, his empire extended from Greece to the Indus Valley in the East and to Egypt in the West, where he founded the city of Alexandria. He sought the unity of peoples beyond their religion and culture, based on the best of human nature.

Interior decoration with reproductions of large classical sculptures representing figures from antiquity, such as this bust of Alexander the Great, is an elegant and timeless way to add a touch of sophistication to our home spaces. These sculptures of historical and mythological figures evoke and bring to our days the greatness of Greece and Rome. Placed on shelves, ledges, or pedestals in a living room or library, art reproductions like this can inspire us and make us feel a special connection to history. Moreover, their presence can serve as a focal point in a room, adding an artistic and cultural touch to home decor, creating a unique, beautiful, and evocative atmosphere.

These works of art not only serve to enrich the spaces of our homes but also enrich the soul with their beauty and meaning.


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