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Bust of Apollo Piombino. 36cm

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Bust of Apollo Piombino. Reproduction of a sculpture made of molded marble (marble dust bound with resins), finished with patinas imitating ancient bronze. The figure is supported on a small column with a base of the same material.

Measurements: 36 cm in height.

Approximate weight: 6 kg.

Bust of Apollo Piombino, a sculpture of unique beauty, ideal for decoration or as a distinguished gift. The piece we offer boasts special elegance and delicacy, expressed in its lines.

This figure has a magnificent presence, suitable for indoor decoration (living rooms, lobbies, libraries, and offices). It is not suitable for outdoor use.

Reproductions of sculptures inspired by original pieces from museums. Classical art. Handmade in Spain.

Reproduction of the head of the Apollo of Piombino from Greece. Preclassical style sculpture from the 5th century B.C. The original in bronze is housed in the Louvre Museum, Paris.

This bust belongs to a full-body statue, the “Apollo Piombino,” so named because it was rescued from the sea off the coast of Piombino (Tuscany), near the island of Elba, in 1832. The headdress with wavy curls and a bun is distinctly archaic, but the face already has a classical character.

The god Apollo was the son of Zeus-Jupiter and Leto or Latona, and the twin of Diana or Artemis. God of Light, he eventually became the same God of the Sun, identified with Helios. In Delphi, Apollo killed a dragon monster called Python (or Delphine) with his arrows, which was in charge of protecting an ancient oracle of Themis, making it one of his main sanctuaries. At the oracle, the Pythia, in a trance state, conveyed the god’s messages. The Pythian Games were also held in Delphi in honor of his deeds.

Solar god of light and harmony, arts, healing, and prophecy, he was depicted armed with a bow and arrows or carrying a lyre. As the god of music and poetry, Apollo was represented on Mount Parnassus, surrounded by the nine Muses, protectors of arts and sciences.


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