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Bust of Hermes. Height: 49cm

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Bust of Hermes, high-quality sculpture made of molded marble (marble powder bonded with resins). Aging patinas are applied using natural earth pigments. The material used in its production and the patinated finish give the piece marble and stone textures, resembling the appearance of an original marble sculpture embellished by the passage of time.

Measurements: Height: 49 cm. Width: 32 cm. Depth: 30 cm. Base: 30 x 32 cm.

Bust of Hermes, reproduction of a fragment of Hermes with the child Dionysus, a work by Praxiteles, a Greek marble sculpture measuring 213 centimeters in height, located in the Archaeological Museum of Olympia (Greece). It is attributed to the sculptor Praxiteles, in 350-330 BC (late classical period). According to other authors, this statue is a 1st-century copy based on the work of the same artist. The original sculpture was found in 1877 among the ruins of the temple dedicated to Hera, where it served as ornamentation.

The Roman god Mercury, Hermes in Greek mythology, is the messenger god between the gods of Olympus and mortals. Son of Jupiter and Maia, Mercury personifies eloquence and cunning, protector of travelers, and patron of merchants. As a psychopomp god, he guided the souls of the deceased on their journey to the afterlife.

Hermes – Mercury is often depicted as a young figure with wings on his heels or sandals, wearing a wide-brimmed hat and holding the caduceus in one hand – a staff with two entwined serpents symbolizing the harmony of opposites and duality, as one who travels between two worlds, the divine and the earthly.

This multifaceted god was invoked by those seeking protection in their journeys and businesses. His agile and versatile energy is reflected in the wings on his feet or boots, representing the swiftness of the wind that swiftly conveys the messages of the gods throughout the cosmos. Hermes stands as the intermediary god between the two worlds, bridging the gap between gods and mortals.


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