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Corbel of Neoclassical woman. 148 cm.

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Reproduction of a corbel of neoclassical woman sculpture made with molded marble (marble powder with resin). Finished with the application of aging patinas based on natural earth pigments. The aging finish and its marble and stone textures suggest the touch and appearance of an ancient original statue.


Height: 148 cm. Width: 24 cm. Wall-facing part: 30 cm. Depth: 37 cm.

Anthropomorphic corbels are a widely used architectural element in neoclassicism. The sculpture we reproduce depicts a woman with crossed arms.

Reproductions of neoclassical art, like this corbel, are elements that create a unique and stimulating atmosphere in our homes. Through them, we express our personality, tastes, interests, and aesthetic preferences.

When incorporating reproductions like this corbel of Neoclassical woman into a room’s decor, it is advisable to consider some aspects, such as the location where it will be placed, the size of the figure in relation to the space it will occupy, the room’s lighting, and the arrangement of the chosen piece in relation to other elements such as furniture, textiles (curtains, carpets, tablecloths), and other decorative objects (paintings, vases…) present in the chosen space. With their presence, we can highlight a special corner of the room, adding an artistic touch to home decor and creating a unique and evocative atmosphere.

The versatility of these reproductions of classical art allows them to be integrated into a variety of decorative styles, from classical to modern. Likewise, by placing these pieces in key spaces such as hallways or foyers, we create a visual narrative that connects the present with the artistic greatness of the past, turning our home into a small museum that pays homage to the rich cultural heritage that remains a timeless source of inspiration.

Decorating with reproductions of great classical sculptures is a good choice that brings a sense of beauty and historical legacy to any space. These figures serve to enrich the decoration of our favorite spaces, whether indoors, in libraries, offices, or living rooms, or outdoors, in gardens, patios, and terraces.


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