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Cupid and Psyche. 60 x 73,5 cm.

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Reproduction of the neoclassical statue of Cupid and Psyche made in molded marble (marble dust bonded with resins) and finely polished. Finished with the application of patinas based on natural earth, giving it the appearance of a sculpture embellished by the passage of time.

Ideal for decoration or as a gift.

Measurements: Height: 60 cm. Width: 73.5 cm. Total depth: 35 cm. The measurement includes the base.

Base Measurement: Width: 73.5 cm. Depth: 31.5 cm. Base made of wood.

The sculpture of Psyche revived by the kiss of Love is found in the Louvre Museum. The piece is a reproduction of the sculpture created by the famous neoclassical artist Canova. Antonio Canova (1757 – 1822) was an Italian sculptor and painter of Neoclassicism. His style was largely inspired by the art of Ancient Greece, and his works were compared by his contemporaries to the best production of antiquity. He was considered the best European sculptor since Bernini.

This sculpture depicts Cupid, the god of love, and Psyche, whose story appears in the work “The Golden Ass” (Metamorphoses) by the Roman writer Apuleius (c. 125 AD – c. 170 AD). In this novel, the story of the mortal Psyche is narrated, whose beauty arouses the envy of Venus, who sends her son Cupid to make her fall in love with the most despicable being. However, Cupid falls in love with Psyche and, disobeying his mother, visits her in secret, hiding his true identity. When Psyche reveals his secret, Cupid abandons her, and to regain his love, the young woman must overcome a series of obstacles imposed by the gods. This immortal love story became a source of inspiration for literature and art in later centuries, as in this sculpture of Cupid and Psyche by Canova.

Decorating with works of art brings beauty to our home and enriches the soul with its contemplation and meaning.


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