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Discobolus by Myron. 125 x 80 cm.

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Reproduction of a high-quality sculpture of the Discobolus by Myron made in molded marble (marble powder with resin). Finish achieved with the application of aging patinas based on natural earth, giving the statue a unique beauty and texture very similar to an original ancient piece.

The statue is suitable for both outdoor decoration in gardens and terraces and for interior decoration (living rooms, entrances, libraries, offices). Resistant to the elements.

Dimensions: Height: 125 cm. Width: 80 cm. Depth: 50 cm.

Weight: 60 kg.

The Discobolus is a sculpture created by Myron of Eleutherae around 455 B.C., representing an athlete just before throwing a discus. This work dates from the height of the Greek classical period, characterized by its idealized forms and the expression of balance and harmony.

From the original Greek sculpture, now lost, several copies were made during the Roman Empire. The most famous Roman copy of the Discobolus is exhibited at the Palazzo Massimo alle Terme of the National Roman Museum and was found during excavations at Villa Palombara (Rome) in the 17th century.

The Discobolus exemplifies the pursuit of anatomical perfection and aesthetic idealism that characterize Greek art of the classical period (5th century B.C.). Through the representation of an athlete, the artist’s mastery has managed to express the tension of the moment before the discus throw. This masterpiece has become an icon, with its influence reaching contemporary art.

Reproductions of ancient Greek art, such as this statue of the Discobolus by Myron, instill a sense of nobility and durability. By integrating these large classical sculptures into both interior and exterior decor, they convey the harmony and perfection of classical Greek art and become focal points that attract the gaze, inspiring reflection and contemplation of beauty. Whether a large statue in the living room or garden or a figurine on the desk, iconic works like the Discobolus accompany and inspire us in our daily lives, adding a touch of history and culture to our workplaces and leisure spaces.


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