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Discophorus of Polyclitus. Marble. 107 cm.

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Reproduction of the Discophorus of Polyclitus statue, of high quality, made in molded marble (marble powder with resin).

The finish is achieved with a slight aging based on natural earth, giving the statue a unique beauty and texture very similar to an ancient piece.

Measurements: Height: 107 cm. Width: 48 cm. Depth: 33 cm.

Approximate weight: 29 kilograms.

Reproduction of classical art of great quality, ideal for decoration or as a gift.

The sculpture we reproduce is a recreation of the Discophorus (meaning disc-bearer) by the famous Greek sculptor Polyclitus, which is housed in the British Museum. This sculpture depicts the discus thrower in a state of rest. The head appears slightly small, just like the original, as the broad shoulders and legs stand out.

Discophorus means “the one who carries the disc” in Greek. It was one of the early creations of the Greek sculptor Polyclitus (460-420 B.C.). The Roman copy is dated approximately to the late Adriatic period. The sculpture represents an athlete and faithfully conveys the principles of the author’s style, where rest and movement are always present, representing harmony through opposition in life.

The central theme of Polyclitus’s work was the representation of the ideal man. Through the canon he established, in which the total height was seven times the measurement of the head, Polyclitus aimed to represent not only physical perfection but also the harmony and symmetry that life expresses. In his Canon, Polyclitus follows mathematical proportions based on the numerical relationships taught by Pythagoras, especially in the golden ratio or divine proportion, an expression of the order and harmony of the cosmos.

When we incorporate reproductions of large classical sculptures based on famous works of ancient art, such as this Discophorus of Polyclitus, into the decoration of our gardens and terraces, we infuse these spaces with special elegance and harmony. This masterpiece, capturing the balance and serenity of classical Greek art, adds a timeless touch to our favorite outdoor corners, where the figure of the Discophorus merges with the surrounding vegetation, conveying a sense of serene beauty.


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