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Doryphoros of Polykleitos. 202 x 65 x 74 cm.

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Doryphoros of Polykleitos statue, reproduction made of molded marble (marble powder with resin). The finishing is done with a slight aging based on natural earth, giving the statue a unique beauty and texture very similar to an ancient piece. The stone texture suggests the touch of an original antique.

Dimensions: Height: 202 cm. Width: 65 cm. Depth: 74 cm.

Base dimensions: 66 x 74 cm. Approximate weight 150 kg.

Sculpture suitable for outdoor decoration such as gardens and terraces or for indoor use.

The Doryphoros was a prominent sculpture by Polykleitos, created between 450 and 440 BC. Several Roman copies in marble of the original Greek bronze have survived. The best-preserved copy is housed in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

The Doryphoros of Polykleitos is one of the most famous and iconic sculptures of Ancient Greece, embodying aesthetic perfection and the pursuit of harmony in classical art. In this masterpiece of antiquity, an athlete is characterized in contrapposto, leaning on one leg, in the attitude of carrying a spear or javelin. This statue was one of the models for Polykleitos’s canon, a system of ideal measurements based on anatomical proportions for the idealized representation of the human body. In this case, Polykleitos represents the ideal height of the male body as seven times the height of the head. The Doryphoros stands out for its balance and harmony, leaving a lasting impact on the history of art.

By incorporating reproductions of great classical sculptures and famous works, such as this statue of Doryphoros, into the decoration of our gardens and terraces, we infuse these spaces with a special elegance and harmony. This iconic masterpiece, capturing the balance and serenity of classical Greek art, adds a timeless touch to our favorite outdoor corners, where the presence of the Doryphoros blends with the surrounding vegetation, conveying a sense of serene beauty and turning them into places to relax, reflect and meditate.


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