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Egyptian relief of Akhenaten. 74 x 40 x 4 cm.

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Egyptian relief of Akhenaten. Reproduction made in molded marble (marble powder bonded with resins). Finish achieved with aging patinas based on natural earth, giving it the texture and appearance of an ancient sculpture embellished by the passage of time.

Measurements: Height: 74 cm. Width: 40 cm. Depth: 4 cm.

Approx. weight: 8 kg.

Reproductions of sculptures and reliefs, inspired by original pieces from museums, art of Ancient Egypt. Handcrafted in Spain. Figure resistant to weather conditions, suitable for outdoors, terraces, and gardens, ideal for interior decoration (living rooms, lobbies, libraries, and offices).

Reproduction of an Egyptian relief of Akhenaten making an offering to the solar disk Aten with his wife Nefertiti and daughters. Original in the Cairo Museum, Egypt.

Amenhotep IV – Akhenaten (reigned between c. 1352 BC to 1335 BC) was a pharaoh of the XVIII Dynasty of the New Egyptian Empire. He was noted for carrying out an unprecedented religious reform in the ancient world, by suppressing the worship of the traditional pantheon and instituting an official state cult to a single god, Aten, the solar disk, with the king assuming the priesthood leadership. Amenhotep IV changed his name to Akhenaten and moved the capital from Thebes to a purpose-built city, Akhetaten (Horizon of Aten). After his death, the previous polytheistic worship was resumed. His immediate successor was Smenkhkare, whose exact identity is unknown, and after him, Tutankhamun ascended to the throne at just nine years old.

Decorating with reproductions of reliefs inspired by the art of ancient Egypt adds a unique and majestic touch to any space, both indoors and outdoors.

Reproductions of Egyptian sculptures and reliefs, with their elegant design and symbolism, can be used in niches, walls, or shelves, creating an exotic and fascinating atmosphere in prominent spaces of our homes such as living rooms, libraries, terraces, and gardens. From scenes of everyday life to representations of gods and pharaohs, these reliefs not only beautify the environment but also tell fascinating stories of the past.


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