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Egyptian relief of Harpist (musician). 76 x 56 cm.

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Egyptian relief of Harpist. Reproduction made of molded marble (marble powder with binders). Aging finish achieved with patinas based on natural earth, giving it the texture and appearance of an ancient sculpture embellished by the passage of time.

Measurements: Height: 76 cm. Width: 56 cm. Depth: 2.5 cm.

Approximate weight: 9 kg.

Reproductions of sculptures and bas-reliefs, inspired by original pieces from museums, art of Ancient Egypt. Handcrafted in Spain. Ideal for interior decoration (living rooms, lobbies, libraries, and offices). Relief suitable for outdoors, terraces, and gardens, resistant to weather conditions.

Bas-relief of Blind Harpist. Reproduction made from the Frieze on the tomb of Pa-Aton-Em-Heb (end of the Amarna period, 14th century BC, 18th dynasty). Music in ancient Egypt was used in various activities, but its main development was in temples, where it was used during rituals dedicated to different gods and was used as a therapeutic remedy, as indicated by some papyri.

Decorating with reproductions of bas-reliefs from ancient Egypt, like this Egyptian relief of Harpist, adds a unique and majestic touch to any space, both indoors and outdoors.

These pieces, capturing the essence and grandeur of Egyptian culture, transport viewers on a journey through time, evoking the mysteries of this ancient civilization.

Egyptian reliefs, with their elegant design and symbolism, can be used in niches, walls, or shelves, creating an exotic and fascinating atmosphere in prominent spaces of our home such as living rooms, libraries, terraces, and gardens. From scenes of everyday life to representations of gods and pharaohs, these reproductions of Egyptian art not only beautify the environment but also tell fascinating stories from the past.

Incorporating Egyptian reliefs into interior design and outdoor decor infuses an aura of enigmatic beauty that captivates all who behold them.

Bring the mystery of Ancient Egypt to your home with our reproductions of reliefs and sculptures.


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