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Golden figure. Sphinx of Higuerones. 11cm

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Reproduction of the sphinx of Los Higuerones in reconstituted marble (marble powder with binder). Finished in gold.  Black base.

Decorative figure ideal for decoration or as a gift.


Total size: Height 11 cm.

Figure size: Height 8 cm.

Size of the base: Width 11.5 x Depth 4.5 x Height 3 cm.

The original cast bronze piece is in the Linares Museum and dates from the 7th century BC. It was found in the Necropolis of Los Higuerones (Cástulo, Jaén). The piece was probably made in a Phoenician workshop in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. It represents a Sphinx in a sedentary position with its front legs stretched forward, in the typical Egyptian position. Two large wings emerge from the back. The human head is touched with the Egyptian double crown. It must have been the handle of an incense-chest that no longer exists.


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