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Egyptian figure. Standing Pharaoh. Height: 189 cm

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Reproduction of Egyptian sculpture. Standing Pharaoh.

Made of resin and fibreglass with black basalt imitation patina.

  • Measurements: Height: 189 cm. Total width: 44 cm. Depth: 70 cm.
  • Base measurements: Width: 40 cm. Depth: 70 cm.
  • Approximate weight: 30 Kilos

Figure of an Egyptian king. The word Pharaoh comes from the Egyptian word Per -Aa, “big house”. In Egypt the king was considered an almost divine being from the earliest dynasties, identified with the god Horus, but he was not normally deified during his lifetime. After his death, the deceased pharaoh was “osirified”, merging with the god Osiris and acquiring immortality and divine status, and becoming venerated as gods in the temples.

The first king of the historical period was Narmer-Menes, who reunified Egypt and ruled around 3150 BC. The last queen was Cleopatra VII, of the Ptolemaic dynasty, who reigned from 51-30 BC.


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