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Goddess Athena and round column. Bronze patina. 32 cm.

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Figure of the Goddess Athena on a column, both made of reconstituted marble (marble powder plus binder) and patinated in bronze.


  • Total height figure + column: 32 cm.
  • Height of the figure: 16.5 cm.
  • Width x Depth: 8.5 x 8.5 cm.

Reproduction of a figure of the Goddess Athena on a round column.

According to the myths of Ancient Greece, the goddess Athena (Minerva in Rome) was born from the head of the king of the gods, Zeus, as an adult and armed. She was the patron goddess of the city of Athens, which dedicated its main temple, the Parthenon, located on the Acropolis, to her. A colossal statue of Athena Parthenos (“virgin”) by the great Athenian sculptor Phidias in marble and gold stands in the temple, and the pediments depict two scenes from the life of the goddess: her birth and her dispute with the sea god Poseidon for the patronage of Athens. She was also the protector of Greek heroes such as Perseus and Odysseus. Her attributes are the olive tree, the owl, the helmet, the spear, the aegis and the shield with the head of Medusa.


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