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Goddess Diana -Artemis. 188 cm.

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Reproduction of the Neoclassical-style sculpture of the goddess Diana -Artemis made of molded marble (marble dust + resin). Application of aging patinas, giving it the appearance and texture of ancient marble.

The sculpture is  manufactured hollow to facilitate handling. Ideal for both interior decoration and outdoor use in gardens and terraces.

Measurements: Height: 188 cm. Width: 48 cm. Depth: 42 cm.

Integrated base measurements: 60 x 42 x 15 cm.

Approximate weight: 80 kg.

Statue of Diana, the Roman lunar goddess of hunting and nature (Artemis in Greece). Neoclassical-style reproduction from a private collection.

The Roman goddess Diana, equivalent to Artemis in Greece, was venerated as the goddess of hunting, nature, and the Moon. Daughter of Zeus and Leto, she was born along with her twin Apollo on the island of Delos. A virgin goddess of nature, Diana is the protector of wild animals and maidens. Her bow and arrows symbolize her skill in hunting. She was associated with Selene, assuming her role as the Goddess of the Moon. She is usually depicted in a short tunic, wearing a diadem, carrying a bow and arrows, and accompanied by animals such as dogs and deer.

Decorating with replicas of sculptures of historical or mythological figures, such as this statue of the goddess Diana -Artemis, brings the cultural and aesthetic richness of classical art into our homes.

Reproductions of sculptures, inspired by ancient, Renaissance, or neoclassical art, become central pieces that stand out especially in the spaces and rooms of our home, both indoors and outdoors, transforming them into inspiring and unique corners. When we incorporate these sculptures into outdoor decoration such as gardens and terraces, we imbue them with an air of nobility and serenity.

By integrating these sculptures into landscape design, we achieve a harmonious synthesis between the aesthetics of art and nature. The stone, cast bronze, or molded marble used in these statues withstand the elements, ensuring their durability and resistance.

Reproductions of large classical sculptures create an atmosphere of serene contemplation, establishing a fascinating dialogue between the beauty of art and nature.


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