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Julius Caesar in color. 64 cm.

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Bust of Julius Caesar in color, reproduction made of molded marble (marble powder agglomerated with resins). Finish with the application of polychrome and aging patinas based on natural earth.

Measurements: Height: 64 cm. Width: 44 cm. Depth: 22 cm.

Base diameter measurement: 16 cm.

Approximate weight: 15 kilograms.

Reproduction of a bust of Julius Caesar in color, ideal for interior decoration or as a gift. Not suitable for outdoors.

Gaius Julius Caesar (100 B.C. – 44 B.C.) is surely the most famous Roman. A brilliant politician and writer, as well as a statesman, he was also a military genius. Some consider him the last republican of Rome, and others as the first emperor. Whether the former or the latter, what is certain is that he changed the structures of Rome and laid the foundation for the beginning of the glory of the Empire.

Julius Caesar’s prestige as a military leader, due to his strategic ability and charisma, earned him support after emerging victorious in the Gallic Wars, significantly expanding the territories conquered by Rome. His political enemies conspired to strip him of his offices and military command, prompting him to challenge Pompey and his allies. With the crossing of the Rubicon River in 49 B.C., the civil war against Pompey was unleashed, ultimately resulting in his victory and appointment as perpetual dictator. Caesar’s reforms were innovative, and his growing power aroused suspicion among some senators, who, led by his adopted son Brutus, carried out his assassination on the Ides of March (March 15) in 44 B.C. His legacy still endures, both in military history and in politics and literature.

This historical figure has inspired numerous works of art from classical antiquity to the present day. A figure like this bust of Julius Caesar creates a unique atmosphere in our favorite corner or workplace, such as the living room, entrance, library, or office.

Interior decoration with reproductions of large classical sculptures inspired by figures from antiquity, like this sculpture of Julius Caesar, adds an elegant and timeless touch to our homes.


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