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Pair of winged sphinxes. 120x51x85cm

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Pair of winged sphinxes. Reproduction made in carved and polished travertine marble. Finished with an antique patina. Unique pieces of extraordinary quality.

Dimensions: Width: 120 cm. Depth: 51 cm. Height: 85 cm.

Ideal for outdoor decoration, resistant to weather conditions.

Models originating from the classical world, inspired by Greece and Rome. Decorative elements that bring warmth and dignity to any space, from garden and terrace decoration to the creation of unique indoor environments.

The sphinx, a mythological creature with a human head and lion’s body, has played a prominent role in ancient, Renaissance, and neoclassical art, merging elements of Egyptian and Greek cultures. In Egypt, the sphinx represents the divine guardian, linked to the Sun God and the pharaoh, like the Great Sphinx of Giza. In Greece, it takes on a new dimension, appearing in myth as the creature that challenges Oedipus with its famous riddle. The sphinx personifies mystery and symbolizes those who have transcended their most instinctive and animal nature to achieve the highest human capacities.

Outdoor decoration with sculptures of mythological animals, like this pair of winged sphinxes, infuses a special atmosphere into our outdoor spaces, adding an elegant touch to our terraces, gardens, and patios. These mythological creatures, guardians and protectors, become symbols of mystery, and with their presence in our favorite corners, they create a magical environment that evokes the greatness of ancient cultures. Choosing animal figures, real or mythical, as decorative elements makes us reminisce about the mythical stories of antiquity, inspiring us with their symbolism.

Decorating with reproductions of art inspired by antiquity beautifies the space and evokes the cultural greatness of past eras and civilizations that have left a lasting legacy in the history of art. Decoration with works of art serves to bring beauty not only to our home but also to the soul enriched by its profound meaning.


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