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Parthenon Bas-relief-British Museum. 165x103cm

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Parthenon Bas-relief-British Museum. High-quality reproduction made in molded marble (marble powder bonded with resins). Aging finish made with patinas based on natural earths that give it the texture and appearance of an antique sculpture embellished by the passage of time.

Measurements: Height: 103 cm. Width: 165 cm.

Reproductions of sculptures inspired by classical Greek art. Handmade in Spain. Ideal for interior decoration (living rooms, lobbies, libraries, and offices). Weather-resistant relief, suitable for outdoor use, terraces, and gardens.

Parthenon Bas-relief-British Museum. Reproduction inspired by one of the friezes of the Parthenon in Athens.

The Parthenon frieze (447 to 438 BC) is a series of bas-reliefs, executed by the school of Phidias and sculpted in Pentelic marble, with an approximate height of one meter and a total length of 160 meters, surrounding the perimeter of the temple. These pieces were located at the top of the cella of the Parthenon in Athens, and they depict the grand procession of the Panathenaea, a festival in honor of the goddess Athena, the city’s patron. The reliefs on the frieze depict the participants in the procession, featuring maidens carrying embroidered peploses as offerings to the goddess, along with other characters such as aristocrats and magistrates, common people with their offerings, musicians, high-ranking military officers, soldiers, and horsemen.

Decorating with reproductions of reliefs inspired by the Ancient Greece offers the opportunity to achieve a unique fusion of history and art. The technique of bas-relief, which combines depth and detail, makes these pieces stand out in our spaces, adding a touch of distinction to our homes.

Incorporating reproductions of classical reliefs into our home decor, such as this bas-relief of the Parthenon, helps create a unique atmosphere that evokes the grandeur of antiquity, allowing it to blend with contemporary design and style. Bas-reliefs thus become centerpiece items that not only beautify the room but also tell stories of distant times, creating a timeless connection between the past and the present.


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