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Polychrome statue of Hebe. Height: 63,5 cm

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Polychrome statue of Hebe, high-quality reproduction made of molded marble (marble powder bound with resins). Application of polychromies and finishing with aging patinas. Wooden base.

Height: 63.5 cm. Base: 17 cm.

Approximate weight: 8 kg.

Polychrome statue of Hebe, reproduction based on the work of the Danish neoclassical sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen (1806). The original sculpture, 156 cm in height, is displayed at the Thorvaldsen Museum in Copenhagen.

You can choose the base from these three wood tones. Indicate your choice in the comments section of the shopping basket.


        Black.        Hazelnut.    Walnut.

Hebe, the Greek goddess of youth, personifies eternal spring and vitality in Greek mythology. Daughter of Zeus and Hera, she was tasked with serving nectar and ambrosia to the gods on Mount Olympus. Hebe married Heracles after his ascent to Olympus, transformed into a god.

The cult of Hebe developed in various sanctuaries in ancient Greece, and in Rome, she was revered under the name Juventus or Juventas. This goddess is represented as a young woman holding a cup or vase, carrying the nectar of the gods. Hebe reminds us of inner youth and the eternal renewal reflected in the cycles of nature and the arrival of spring every year.

Interior decoration with reproductions of sculptures representing characters from classical mythology, such as this Hebe sculpture, is an elegant and timeless way to add a touch of distinction to our home spaces. A figure like this statue of the goddess of youth helps create a unique and inspiring atmosphere in our favorite corner of the living room or our workspace, such as a library or an office.

With these statues representing mythological characters, we evoke and bring to our days the grandeur of ancient Greece and Rome. Decorating with art reproductions is a good choice that adds a sense of beauty and historical legacy to any space in our home.


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