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Relief Woman with angels. 45x56cm

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Relief “Woman with angels”. Reproduction of a high-quality classical bas-relief made from molded marble (marble powder bonded with synthetic resins). Aging finish achieved through the application of patinas based on natural earths, giving it the texture and appearance of an ancient sculpture embellished by the passage of time.

Measurements: Height: 45 cm. Width: 56 cm. Depth: 5 cm.

Reproductions of sculptures and reliefs, inspired by original museum pieces. Ancient, Renaissance, and Neoclassical art. Handmade in Spain. Ideal for interior decoration (living rooms, foyers, libraries, and offices). Suitable for outdoor use, on terraces and in gardens, resistant to the elements.

Relief “Woman with angels”. Inspired by representations in classical art, the figure depicts a winged being alongside a reclining woman, supported by another figure.

Decorating with reproductions inspired by classical reliefs brings the artistic and cultural splendor of Antiquity, the Renaissance, and Neoclassicism into our homes. These sculptures capture the timeless harmony and elegance of classical art.

The technique of relief, which provides depth and detail to these sculptures, makes them ideal for decorating any space, indoors and outdoors, standing out in our favorite corners of the living room, library, or garden. Placed in the living room, these bas-reliefs can become central elements of the room, standing out on one of the walls or complementing the room’s aesthetics. In workplaces, study areas, and relaxation spaces such as offices and libraries, reliefs integrate with shelves, paintings, and other decorative elements, adding a touch of distinction to the environment. Placed on our terrace or in the garden, these reliefs blend with potted plants and flower beds, creating a suggestive dialogue between nature and art.

Due to their versatility, these classical reliefs can be combined with contemporary furniture design and other decorative elements, creating a fascinating contrast between the ancient and the modern that highlights the timeless beauty of classical art.


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