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Relief of Horus. Polychrome. 28 x 14,5 cm.

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Relief made of reconstituted marble (resin + marble powder). The ageing patinas are applied with natural earth.

Hand-patinated archaeological reproduction.  Antique finish.

Measurements: Height: 28cm.  Width: 14,5 cm. Depth: 1 cm.

Ready to hang.

Horus, the falcon god, son of Osiris and Isis, was a very important beneficent deity in Egypt. He is the protector of royalty, with whom the pharaoh was identified. He is usually crowned with the double crown, the red crown of Lower Egypt (the Delta area in the north) and the white crown of Upper Egypt, symbolising the unification of the Two Lands.

The myth of Osiris tells how this god, who at that time ruled Egypt, was murdered by his brother Seth in order to seize the throne. Seth dismembered Osiris’ corpse and scattered the pieces all over the country. Osiris’ sister and wife, Isis, goddess of magic, reunited the pieces and vivified her husband, conceiving Horus. Horus was raised in the delta, and as an adult, challenged his uncle Seth, whom he finally defeated and crowned king of Upper and Lower Egypt.


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