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Roman frieze of acanthus leaves. 90x20x40cm

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Roman frieze of acanthus leaves. High-quality bas-relief reproduction made of molded marble (marble powder bonded with resin). Aging finish achieved with patinas made from natural earths, giving it the texture and appearance of an ancient sculpture embellished by the passage of time.

Measurements: Width: 90 cm. Depth: 20 cm. Height: 40 cm.

Reproductions of reliefs and sculptures inspired by classical art. Handcrafted in Spain. Ideal for interior decoration (living rooms, foyers, libraries, and offices). Suitable for outdoor use, such as terraces and gardens, resistant to the elements.

Classical art brings timeless elegance to the decoration of our homes. Reproductions like this Roman frieze of acanthus leaves reflect the ideal of beauty and perfection from antiquity and add a touch of cultural and aesthetic refinement to our rooms and spaces, both indoors, in living rooms, foyers, libraries, and offices, as well as outdoors, on terraces and gardens.

Incorporating reproductions of classical reliefs into the decoration brings a special elegance and culture to our homes. These reliefs, with their motifs inspired by mythology and nature, imbue our favorite corners with an air of nobility and sophistication. By combining these pieces with the rest of the living room, office, or library decor, a visual harmony is created that highlights both the beauty of the reliefs and that of the other decorative elements.

In the living room, reliefs can serve as decorative elements by highlighting one of the walls or complementing the overall aesthetics of the room. In offices and libraries, these pieces can be integrated into shelves or wall panels, adding a touch of distinction to the room’s decor. By combining these classical reliefs with furniture and other contemporary design objects and elements, a fascinating contrast is created that highlights the timeless and enduring beauty of classical art.

Reproductions of classical art beautify our homes and evoke the splendor of antiquity, creating a timeless connection between the past and the present.

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