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Roman Vessel-Terracotta. 25 cm

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Roman Vessel-Terracotta. Faithful reproduction of an ancient amphora made of terracotta. Aging finish that gives it the texture and appearance of an ancient amphora embellished by the passage of time.

Not suitable for food use.

Height: 25 cm.

Roman Vessel-Terracotta. Greek, Phoenician, and Roman amphorae were for centuries the most widely used means in the Mediterranean for the transportation and storage of wines, oils, and preserves. Their reproductions are highly appreciated as decorative elements.

Decorating with current replicas of Roman vessels adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to our homes and endows them with a special historical charm. These aged ceramic and terracotta pieces evoke the history of Ancient Rome and convey a sense of timelessness capable of blending seamlessly with various decorative styles, from the most classic to the contemporary.

These vessels encapsulate the essence of Roman civilization in the beauty of their forms combined with their practicality and functionality. Made of materials such as terracotta, these vessels became a fundamental element of trade and daily life in ancient Rome. They were used to transport and store a wide variety of products, from olive oil and wine to cereals and sauces like the famous garum.

Today, replicas of Roman amphorae and vessels are highly sought-after decorative items. Their presence in our homes, gardens, and spaces like the foyer, living room, or library, becomes a lasting testament to the historical legacy and art of the imperial Rome.

Indoors, these reproductions can become focal pieces in living rooms, entryways, or even libraries, adding an air of nobility and culture to any space. Placed strategically in the room, they can be combined with furniture and other decorative elements, such as vases and statues, merging classical style with contemporary design.

Outdoors, replicas of Roman vessels blend into our gardens, patios, or terraces, creating a charming atmosphere. Whether used as planters for plants or simply as ornamental pieces, these reproductions add a touch of history and archaeology to our outdoor spaces.

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