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Clock with Egyptian sphinx. 24 cm

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High-density resin figures with metallic baths (bronze, copper, zinc, etc).

Measurements: Width: 13,5 cm. Depth: 6.5 cm. Height: 24 cm.

Decorative elements of great beauty and detail.

Clock with Egyptian sphinx.

The Sphinx is a mythological animal in the form of a seated lion with a human head. The most famous in Egypt is found in the extension of the pyramid of Chephren on the Giza plateau. Avenues were built in the temple complexes, leading from a quay on the Nile to the various architectural complexes. Flanking the avenues were numerous sphinx statues with lion bodies and human or ram heads.

The sphinx symbolises the triumph of intelligence, represented by the human head, over the instinctive animal part. The great Sphinx of Giza was the representation of the god Ra-Horakty, the sun on the horizon.


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