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Sculpture Caesar Augustus Prima Porta. Bronze patina. 40 cm.

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Sculpture Caesar Augustus Prima Porta, reproduction made in molded marble (marble dust with resin). Finished with a patina imitating ancient bronze, with the texture and appearance of a sculpture beautified by the passage of time.

  • Total measurements: Height 40 cm. width: 17 cm. Depth 13 cm.
  • Sculpture measurements without the base: Height 30 cm. width: 17 cm. Depth 13 cm.
  • Base measurements: Height 10 cm. width: 10 cm. Depth 10 cm.

Approx. weight: 3 kg.

Sculpture Caesar Augustus Prima Porta. The work we reproduce is a faithful copy of the bronze sculpture that was found in Zaragoza of the emperor Octavian Augustus. This sculpture recreates the original sculpture that was found in the town of Livia, in Prima Porta, a suburb of Rome. It is a marble copy, from the 1st century AD. from a previous bronze model. Today it is exhibited in the Vatican Museums.

The model is clearly inspired bythe works of Polyclitus such as the Doriphorus.

Octavian Augustus, Gaius Octavius or Octavian (63 BC-14 AD), was the first emperor of Rome. Octavian had been adopted by his great-uncle Julius Caesar, and after his assassination, he became his successor. He ruled as a triumvir alongside Lepidus and Mark Antony until his confrontation with the latter in the Civil Wars. In the Battle of Actium (31 BC), Octavian finally defeated the combined forces of Mark Antony and Cleopatra, establishing himself as the undisputed leader of Rome. In 27 BC, he became the first emperor with the name Caesar Augustus, ushering in an Empire that would last for four centuries.

Augustus’ reign is marked by a period of stability and prosperity known as the Pax Romana, which lasted for about two hundred years. Caesar Augustus also promoted significant political and administrative reforms, leaving a lasting legacy and consolidating the structures of the Empire. After his death, he was deified and officially worshiped in temples throughout the empire. Subsequently, all the emperors who succeeded him adopted the title of Caesar Augustus in his honor.


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