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Sculpture of Christopher Columbus. 29 cm.

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Sculpture of Christopher Columbus of great quality made of molded marble (marble dust bonded with resin), finished with imitation bronze patina. Metal plaque with the engraved name. Option to choose between the plaque engraved with the name in Spanish (Cristóbal Colón) or in English (Christopher Columbus).


  • Total height of the statue + base: 29 cm. Width: 10 cm. Depth: 13 cm.

Reproductions of sculptures and reliefs, inspired by original pieces from museums and monuments. Portraits of historical figures. Handmade in Spain. Ideal for interior decoration (living rooms, lobbies, libraries, and offices). Not suitable for outdoors.

This sculpture depicts a figure of Christopher Columbus holding a globe.

Christopher Columbus (1451-1506), navigator, and discoverer of America. Of disputed origin, most historians consider him to be from Genoa. He presented a project for a voyage to the Indies via the West, which obtained the sponsorship of the Catholic Monarchs, through the signing of the Capitulations of Santa Fe. In October 1492, he reached the American coasts, being the first of the four voyages he made to the lands of the New World, which, according to his documents and letters, he considered part of Asia. At the beginning of the 16th century, they began to be considered a distinct continent, which took the name America after the Italian cartographer Amerigo Vespuccio.

Reproductions of sculptures of historical figures, such as this sculpture of Christopher Columbus, bring culture to the decoration of our home. By incorporating these figures into our reading and work spaces, such as offices and libraries, we create an environment that inspires reflection.

When incorporating sculptures into interior decoration, it is advisable to consider some aspects such as the size of the piece in relation to the space it will occupy, the lighting of the room, and the arrangement of the chosen piece with respect to other elements such as furniture, textiles, and other decorative objects (paintings, vases, etc.) present in the chosen space. In addition, its presence can serve to highlight a special corner of the room, adding a cultural touch to home decor, and creating a unique and evocative atmosphere.


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