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Sculpture of Poseidon-Neptune 29 x 23 x 60cm

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Reproduction of a sculpture of Poseidon in moulded marble (marble powder plus binder). Finished with an ageing patina based on natural earths.

Measurements: Width: 29 cm. Depth: 23 cm. Height: 60 cm.

Reproductions of sculptures inspired by classical art. Handcrafted in Europe. Ideal for interior decoration (living rooms, lobbies, libraries, and offices) and for outdoors, gardens, and terraces.

Figure that reproduces a sculpture of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. The god Poseidon, Neptune for the Romans, was the brother of Zeus and starred in various myths, one of the best-known being the dispute with Athena for the patronage of Athens, an episode represented in one of the pediments of the Parthenon.

One of the 12 Olympian gods, Poseidon exerts his dominion over the oceans and seas, being revered and feared by sailors and navigators. He was also called the “Earth Shaker,” due to his ability to unleash earthquakes with his trident.

His most distinctive symbol is the trident, a formidable weapon that gives him control over the waters. His animal is the horse. Poseidon is depicted as a mature, bearded man, very similar to his brother Zeus, who sometimes only differ by the attribute they carry in their hand, the lightning bolt in Zeus’s case and the trident in Poseidon’s. He often appears in paintings and mosaics riding a chariot pulled by sea horses, and surrounded by fish and aquatic beings such as nereids and tritons, with human torsos and fish tails.

Although Poseidon was feared for his volatile temperament and his ability to punish those who challenged him, he was also considered a god who could grant favors and protection to those who properly honored him. His figure reminds us of the indomitable power of the seas and oceans and the great forces of nature that inspire respect and fear.

Statues representing mythological figures, like this sculpture of the god Poseidon, serve to enrich the decoration of our favorite spaces, libraries, offices, or living rooms. With them, we evoke and bring to our home the greatness of ancient Greece and Rome.


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